Sunday, October 14, 2018

Eight-Minute Empire

Eight-Minute Empire was on sale (slightly), so I got myself a copy and won my first game after a few tries.  I didn't realize I was sharing the cards that were drafted with the other players.  Or that the one to the left rolled off each time (at least I think it does; maybe someone always grabs it). Yes, yes.  I beat the easy opponents, but I needed to get my feet under me.

It's fun...way more relaxing than Risk.  I could play hundreds of games of this in the same amount of time.  My first win was goods based.  That seems like a sold strategy against the easy computer opponents.  Six points is a big advantage against any strategic moves.  Bastards do kill my troops almost exclusively though.  Damn AI.

And Scootard is not offensive.  It's like Edward.  Or...Dankward.  Seriously, people used to name their kid Dankward as an option?  That didn't age well.

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