Sunday, October 14, 2018

Vision Event

I had a weird experience at the coffee shop this morning.  I looked up and exactly one item in my vision was fuzzy.  Not the closest item.  Not the furthest item.  A coffee cup about thirty feet away next to several other items.  It had that jittery look that you get in science fiction movies when something is coming or going from this plane of existence (I think they did it in The Butterfly Effect, although in Back to the Future it was just a fade out), Bioshock Infinite when Elizabeth is phasing things in and out, or on The Flash when he's vibrating himself  to mask who he is (spoiler: he's Barry Allen).  I looked at my keyboard, looked back up, and it was still like that, not just a momentary glitch.  So I stared at it and it came into focus.

Intuition tells me it's my brain having a momentary lapse processing something it's used to seeing but that was in an unusual configuration (just turned in a way it didn't expect so it was trying to fill in the gaps with what it's used to seeing).  Or, second thought, it's those little bits and pieces in your eye that start to degenerate as you get older and one just happened to be in an unusual spot.  I popped out to Google to see if there was anything related to one object in my vision is blurry/fuzzy.  Lots about one eye being blurry, about near or far objects being blurry, but not one object.  Literally nothing.  I get a no results on "one object in my vision is blurry"; ditto for fuzzy.  It's wild to find something I can't Google in 2018.

Finding eye floaters was much easier and that looks like what it probably was.  Is it wrong that I think getting old enough for a weird eye floater event (non critical) is neat if it provides me the illusion I'm in a scifi movie?

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