Sunday, January 29, 2023


Some of my friends have been going to an almost monthly dinner for four years now.  Less a big gap for covid that started basically a day after I shipped home from Provide, Rhode Island from a business planning trip and sat away from others as it was an unknown at the time.  The crowd changes a bit here and there as kids and girlfriends and ex-girlfriends show up and people run into commitments.

The food isn't always good, but that generally becomes part of the lore.

I think my favorites have been Chimborazo and Mama Sheila's House of Soul, but we've been to a lot of my favorite places to eat including Christo's, Winzer Stube [RIP], Moscow on the Hill, and Peninsula.

All of us at Kasada for dinner last week.

A list of places we've been the last four year:
  • February 2023 [Scott] - Little Szechuan Hotpot in St. Paul.  30 minutes before the double homicide down the street.  Larry got parked in, almost.  Hot Pot lung was a real issue [cough, cough, cough...].  Wow...the smell in my clothes, hair, and sweat when I got home.  Kyle, Lisa, Aeryn and I ordered just a bit too much food [way too much].
  • January 2023 [Ming] - Kalsada’s Filipino food
  • December - New Year’s at Scott and Jen's
  • November 2022 [Kyle] - Yarusso Italian [Scott came back from Irvine CA for Alteryx]
  • October 2022 [Matthew]  - Christo’s
  • September 2022 - no munchies
  • August 2022 [Ming] - Hai Hai
  • July 2022 [Larry] - Chimborazo
  • June 2022 - no munchies
  • May 2022 [Scott] - The Mill Northeast
  • April 2022 [Kyle] - Hola Arepo
  • March 2022 [Ming] - Ngon Vietnamese.  Ming hopped the queue.
  • December 2021 -[Kyle] - New Year’s.  Ming is in Hawaii
  • October 2021 [Matthew] - Wiederholt’s Supper Club.  No Ming.  He got lost.
  • September 2021 [Larry] - Guava’s Cuban Cafe
  • August 2021 [Scott]....Cuban place by Brad lunch, El Cubano
  • July 2021 [Kyle] - Buffalo, Forget Me Not Cafe [Dan’s memorial with Larry as well]
  • June 2021 [Ming] - Donatelli’s [Italian, I think]
  • March 2020 (Matthew) - Moscow on the Hill [Scott came back from Providence, RI for VP]
  • February 2020 (Larry) - Beruit
  • January 2019 (Scott) - Brasa (only Ming and Julie and Scott and Jen and Aeryn, St. Paul >> very, very cold)
  • December 2019 (Ming) - Mama Sheila’s
  • November 2019 (Kyle) - Sakura (St. Paul)
  • October 2019 (Matthew) - Chimborazo (Columbian)
  • September 2019 (Larry) - Mesob (Ethiopian on Hiawatha)
  • August 2019 (Scott) - Apoy Phillipino Bistro
  • July 2019 (Ming)- Mama Sheila’s Soul Food Kitchen [Buffet]
  • June 2019 (Kyle) - Babani’s Turkish
  • May 2019 (Matthew) - Winzer Stube German Restaurant
  • April 2019 (Larry) - Adelita’s (Hispanic, Oz was there)
  • March 2019 (Scott) - George and the Dragon [Brunch]
  • February 2019 (Ming) -  City Afrique (Scott's family missed)
  • January 2019 (Kyle) - Peninsula (Malaysian)

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