Monday, October 15, 2018


I took my annual run up to the cabin to help my folks pack today.  I tend to leave early (e.g. 5:00 a.m.) and head to the Dunn Brothers in Elk River in order to avoid rush hour.  If it weren't for that, it would have been an amazingly short day.  With the smaller RV, they just don't have as much to pack.  It was mostly some sewing stuff, the freezer, and getting a few boats and chairs and vehicles into storage.  Ah...and getting the bikes on the rack.  That was tricky with my mom's women's bike.  Those things never rack up quite right.

So overall....four hours of driving and four hours at my folks place.  They gave me a cool googly eyed birthday card before they skip town and an Indian Head nickle.  And a Christmas (tree) ornament.  A bag of meat trash.  And a big box with lots of little stereo equipment in it for Kyle.  As they say at the Trylon BIG box.  Teeny Tiny stereo equipment.  BIG box.  Itty bitty little stereo equipment.

I stopped for breakfast in Onamia and enjoyed these two sites, in addition to the usual Halloween setup they have near the bathroom every year I head up.

The creepy pillow cleaning post by Connie.  I joked on FB that it was hard to tell if I'd get a pillow free of mites, or meet a serial killer.  Maybe both.  I missed it, but presumably Connie gets the "urge" to clean pillows on a regular basis.

And a raccoon poster.  With a rubber duck!  It's like a Dad and Mom poster all rolled up into one.

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