Monday, September 02, 2013

Organ Trail

I'm a little late to the game, but recently I've been playing Organ Trail on my iPad (still works on the 1).  Takes me back to the days of Oregon Trail and Bard's Tale.  My favorite interlude so far, for which I don't have a picture, basically, "Kyle dicked around with your ammo and destroys 23 ammo."  Their choice of the word dicked.  I can picture Kyle in a car full of zombie survivors speeding across country messing with the ammo because he's got a way to make it better.  Not 23 necessarily, but at least one.

My wife came down with dysentery.

This doesn't seem out of the question either, although I'd be more likely to have attributed it to Jay back in the day.

And if it weren't enough that Kyle was dicking around with the ammo, he doesn't even know how to read a map.  Good one, bonehead.  You know I mean it, because bonehead requires using the broken b key on my keyboard.  I recommend the game.  A very good time and Eryn gives it a thumbs up from a kid's perspective.  She noted the graphics look ancient, but she understood the appeal of filling in the details mentally on your own.

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