Monday, September 02, 2013

Orlando - Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom.  We spent most of our time at Tomorrowland as Eryn enjoyed Space Mountain and the cars, but we managed to check out the other areas as well, including the Haunted Mansion and the animatronic presidents and the roller coaster out in Adventureland.  I remember enjoying Disneyland as a kid, but that was It's a Small World (which shocked Eryn a bit) and Peter Pan and the endless cartoons theater.  Eryn was scoping the list of rides to see which had a height requirement so she could be assured they were interesting.  It was HOT.  We had to take a number of stops just to hide in the shade.

Me pretending to be Perry the Platypus. Grrllllrrrlrlrlrlrlrlr....

Eryn at Tomorrowland on the car ride.

This picture gives you an idea of whether she was enjoying it.  For me it was a relaxing series of rides where I didn't have to do anything for three minutes except for when she was banging off the metal ridge that kept the car on the track.  There was no sleeping through that.

In case you want a POV of the full three minutes, here you go.  It comes with commentary although I'm pretty sure it's safe for work.  My wife is up on the peoplemover somewhere.

On the backside of the park, when it was getting hot, we checked out Tom Sawyer's Island.  It reminded me of the restaurant in Colorado with the tunnels in it and the diving.  My wife appreciated it as a nice place to hang out near the water while Eryn and I went to stand in the 40 minute line for the roller coaster.

The standard picture in front of the castle and Disney and Mickey, wearing a Daleks shirt.  I think you could get a pretty amusing stop motion/time lapse movie if you sat here for a few hours.  The people were most interesting than anything else.

Aww....when I took this I found myself wondering if a lot of people rub her nose for some reason.  Good luck maybe?  Or perhaps just because kids like to touch in which case I wouldn't get any closer without a handwipe.

We finished the day with the electrical parade.  It was a bit of a trick finding a good spot close to the exit so we could make sure we wouldn't miss our shuttle which was two monorail rides away.  We did a great job of getting there in time only to be faced with a shuttle that hadn't counted outgoing rides appropriately.  We ended up waiting for a secondary taxi whose driver lectured us about getting the return slip from the first driver despite having asked for said slip only to be assured we didn't need it because they had called in the extra car.  Good system.  Maybe you automate a few things for communication purposes.

We ended up on these steps.  Early on a woman stepped in front of Eryn and I had to shoo her out of the way.  Then another woman stepped in front of the little boy in front of me who had been in the second family on the steps after us.  His father asked her to move and she didn't replying, "I did not mean to be."  As in "I did not mean to be in his way."  SO FREAKING MOVE.  Dad looked a bit disappointed, so I did the big no-no if you don't want to end up being in a headline, "Stabbed in Disneyworld", put a hand on her shoulder, pushed gently and got more firm as she refused to move and told her, "You can't be in the way of the kid and he was here first."  She looked indignant, tried to hold her ground, and told me, "I did not mean to."  I replied, "That doesn't matter, you can't stay in his way" and just kept the hand on her shoulder until she slid over.  I think perhaps she was non-English speaking and someone may have taught her "I didn't mean to" was a polite way to say "I don't speak English" and make everything go away, but it doesn't excuse looking at the kid and deciding to stay in his way so you can film the parade.

That's  my crowds story.  I dislike crowds and I dislike shopping, so the whole amusement park thing can wear a little thin by the end of a long day.  But I like seeing Eryn having so much fun. Here's Pete's Dragon which I thought was one of the cooler floats in the parade.

The live version because you can't appreciate it without playing the music over and over:

And another live version:

The castle at night from near Tomorrowland.  We rode the carousel at Tomorrowland which shows you the history of tech and the future from the perspective of one family.  It must have been cool back in its day.  To me, it really pointed out how fast tech is moving, because they could capture snapshots of generational tech in the past and now it changes so fast you can't pinpoint it for even a year.  The current day display seemed to be the one most out of date.

Eryn in front of the castle with a big smile.

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