Monday, September 02, 2013


I enjoyed these two items from The Chive.  My save to images option is gone on my iPad, but it's easy enough to do a screen scrape by touching the screen to eliminate the ad bar and simultaneously pushing the two buttons to take a scrape.  So maybe not so easy as 1 in 4 I get the ad bar in the picture and have to try again, and it tends to include the letterbox bar.  But sufficient.

Usually I'm not much into quotes that might describe my life, but I liked, "Never be ashamed of a scar. It simply means you were strong than whatever tried to hurt you."  I have a lot of scars.  Birthmark.  Roster + chicken pen.  Roof flashing.  Three thumb scars from knives: Katie's pear and two related to carving in Boy Scouts.  A scarred toe from the broken jar my brother left in the running path in St. Michael.  Stomach, where I almost died as a baby.  Knee where I removed a pinky nail cube of flesh falling between the boards at my grandparents' swimming pool/oil pit.  I probably have one in a place I wouldn't want anyone to have to look at.  Hip!  I have the car-related scar that's longer than my abdomen scar is wide.  And the knee dent from where they put the post.  That's on both sides of the knee.  For a long time I had a scar related to pouring a whole pan of bacon grease down the front of my leg at National Scout Jamboree in Virginia.  That seems to be gone unless you really look for it.  I've got another knee scar (so both knees) that I don't even remember where it came from. A scar on my wrist from a deep burn from solder at the duplex trying to fix a water pipe. That should be all of them.  A healthy collection of a life that was more exciting than I intended, although not so exciting that I can point to scars from mountains or sharks.

And not uplifting like a quote, but Pretty Spock setting his phaser to stunning is just funny.

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