Sunday, June 24, 2012

Morphology and Other Things

I had a few pictures floating around that I hadn't posted yet, so I thought I'd get them out here.

Eryn and I played Morphology for the first time.  You need at least four people (so teams) to play - but we gave it a test run just to understand it and see how it played.  This is the first creation done with our set.  Eryn was doing "Island".

This was my first attempt, "Seahorse".  It's difficult!  I think it's one of those things you need to wrap your brain around so you get good at the game.  But by the end, I guessed Bubble Bath, so we must have been getting better.  Either at guessing or modeling.  While we were playing in the garage, I put the postcards from the Kickstarter fundraiser back in the box and noticed one told me to "recover soon"!  That's what I get for not deconstructing it earlier.  Apparently Erik told Kate (who created Morphology) that I'd been in an accident.

A picture from the Day by Day Cafe this morning.  A bit of a celebration as I go back to work tomorrow.

I knew it, but Words with Friends proved it.  It didn't surprise me that it didn't deny it was a word, only that he's unacceptable.

Ming did his business on my driveway.  While I was incapacitated he seal coated by driveway, which was rolling up snow into what looked like cinnamon rolls of ice and rock last winter.  Took three tubs of seal coat.  So not a small job.  I'm very appreciative.  It's nice not to have my driveway crumbling to pieces, and I don't think I could have gone after it for a few more months.  Although I am going to ask the physical therapy folks if I can use my electric chain saw on the half of a maple that pitched over during the last big storm. 

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