Thursday, June 28, 2012

Worst XBox Live Games

I was looking at the Indie games on XBox live today and decided to scroll to the end of the 2400 games, in order of user ranking (there didn't seem to be a sort low to high option).  Toward the end, they began to look pretty awful.  Nothing received a rating of 1.  But I suspect the 1 ratings are just dragging down the 5 rating the owner is giving him/herself.

I was going to take a look at a few and comment on them.  Then realized someone had already probably done the work for me.  So here you go, 24 Laughably Terrible XBLA Indie Games.  I spent some time while on XBLA looking at "Who Did I Date Last Night?"  Wow does that seem awful.
Yes, another game for lonely nerds. The premise of the game is that you had a date last night (YES, YOU HAD A DATE!!!) with a really wonderful woman. The problem is that you’re a chauvinist pig, so you can’t remember which set of tits you’d been staring at. To rectify this problem the game gives you some clues about the mystery rack and a stack of photos to look through. Each photo features a different sexy lady who just might be the stunning broad you completely forgot about in less than 24 hours. You are given three guesses. As if the setup wasn’t bad enough, the game itself is completely pointless. The problem is that the clues given to you don’t seem to have anything to do with the girl who is actually revealed to be your forgotten date. “I think she likes jewelry” you’ll be told, so you pick girls wearing jewelry. Then the game tells you that you’re wrong and shows you the picture of a girl that isn’t wearing jewelry at all. If you want to ogle girls save yourself a buck and go troll Hot or Not.

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