Saturday, June 23, 2012

ja niin edelleen

I find myself dumping most of my one-offs on Facebook, but I have some things I wanted to capture, in case I want to refer back to them for gifts/jne later.


  • Acoustic chords for the duck song.  Note the notes because they help.  D G A with a capo on the third fret.  Strum pattern dduududdud.  If you haven't heard the duck song before, you can listen to it here .  There is a duck song 2 and 3 that Eryn also likes, as well as The Gummy Bear Song which wedges itself in your brain.
  • An article I really enjoyed that I found when looking up why everyone in Bollywood movies called women "Aunty" -
  • Danger 5 on YouTube - Attack of the Show says I should watch it.  The title, I Danced for Hitler, is intriguing.  It looks like it should be full of puppets after only 30 seconds.


  • Titanium vs. Phonegap for native iOS development - I still think it's easier just to program in XCode.
  • Creating your own standing desk for $22.
  • Indie Game The Movie - I want to watch it.  I may have to pony up the $9.99.  But it got me to thinking.  If I were to buy a physical copy, I'd really only watch it once.  Seems like there should be a RedBox for sharing videos between people in a neighborhood.  Then again, that's probably the library and garage sales.



Kyle said...

Sorry, but 'Taint Crystal' just sounds very wrong.

Scooter said...

Makes crystal sound gross but taint sound purdy.