Thursday, August 04, 2011


Wow....I got told by an artist today that she didn't have time to take on a project for me, despite that I'd offered cash and she could set the terms.  The next time I see "starving artist" on something, I'm not going to believe it.  If you can refuse premium rates for my shitty (visually) stick figure comic, you obviously are making serious money.  If any of you know some artist friends, this is what I'm looking for:

We currently have two "settings", two in a cube, and across the table.  What we'd like to do is:

  1. Clean up the existing images (e.g. lines not separated/no jagged lines/a more artistic feel [as much as possible with stick figures]).
  2. Two in a cube modified.  Cleaned up, perhaps with a board with some generic developer text or workflow on it behind the developer on the right (with the black cloud).  That might be too cluttered - but something to add some visual busi-ness.
  3. Figure out a way to clarify that the two individuals in two in a cube are sitting in front of computers without using a brand name (something applish on the back that's not an apple)
  4. Modify across the table.  Cleaned up.  Something to give it a little more interest, although without cluttering the table which we have a habit of using for putting humorous items on (hats/etc).
  5. A new image – The Office.  CEO/Manager type at a desk with the employee sitting in a chair facing them.  Alternately, perhaps the employee standing if it still leaves ample room for text.
  6. A new image - The elevator.  Two+ people on an elevator.
  7. Images should stay stick-figurish, although they can be cleaned up artistically.
  8. Images should keep/incorporate the dark cloud or some recreation of the dark cloud as that's the annoyed-snarky thought bubble.
  9. Images can have color, but we'd like black and white versions as well in case that's cheaper for making mugs for family for Christmas/Birthdays.
  10. We own the images and all rights when all is said and done.


Larry Rubinow said...

I'm hurt and vaguely offended that you didn't ask me.

Scooter said...

You're not hurt or offended. I didn't want money to spoil our friendship. And it's a chance to meet a new artist with lots of artist friends that I can talk to.

By the way, speaking of your art. Did you ever redo that picture looking out from the inside of the mouth to capture your recent doctor experience? All goatse?