Monday, April 16, 2007


I may have to stop reading TechCrunch if they give me links to games like Desktop Tower Defense. That is seriously addicting. Wasn't I just saying how much I liked Scorched Earth back in the day? Flash - so platform doesn't matter.

I biked to work today. Ouch. Yeah, it's only 6 miles one way, but I'm not used to it. Nor am I used to pulling a burley behind my trainer. Or riding into the wind. Or the road. Damn. I'm not fall down tired or anything, I was just surprised at how much work it was. Pulling Eryn home after daycare tomorrow up the hill should be trippy.


Aaron said...

I heard about that game via Snarkmarket, and man that's a real time waster. Thanks for nothing for reminding me of it.

boringsahm said...

Oh I wanted a bike trailer to cart my kids around, but after finding out it weighed 15 kilos plus I would have to add kids (18kg and 15kg) = me towing 48kg, please it was never going to go forward! Good for you doing it though.

Scooter said...

Hey s4xton. I just bumped into Christine the flight instructor at work the other day and mentioned I saw her link on your blog. I think the fact that she had flight lessons at the same time as my brother and that I know she shows up on a local blog surprises her. Or she's naturally very quiet - although I bet that's just work.

But there's a solution. Make your husband pull the burley.

Sahm - remember to add water for you, for the kid, some sort of snacks, maybe some books - if you're commuting, add clothes and anything you carry back and forth to work (or get extras to leave at work in some cases)...gets VERY heavy. And I swear the new bike is stiffer than the old one 2x5 with the burley requires some pushing to move. I suspect my tires are already a little out of true after 20 miles just because that sometimes happens with a new bike.

But there's a solution - make your husband pull the burley.