Thursday, April 19, 2007


Sorry about the lack of posting - it really has been rather light for me. But between commuting to work (and back) on the bike and pulling the burley, being borderline narcoleptic from the exercise, guitar lessons, guitar practice, extra work requiring a few hours of at home time, broken rental unit garage door openers, etc., my dance card has been full. I can tell that all those things are crossing strange lines, because today I opened up the extra work folder and a bunch of rocks fell out, covered with road tar. Seems that the bike kicks them up into the Burley and into my work folder. Glad I opened it at my desk and not in a meeting.

Speaking of bikes. Eryn got a new bike for her fourth birthday. The training wheel sort. I can't tell what she thinks of it yet. We're going to get better training wheels so it stands up in a sturdier way. And yesterday, on her birthday, I forgot a dress shirt when I biked to work. So, at 7:00 a.m. I called Pooteewheet and asked her if she might bring me a shirt so I didn't have to sit through meetings in a sweaty t-shirt (I usually try to keep an extra at work, but it's early in the season, so I wasn't prepared, and at least if I had to sit around in a t-shirt, it was a tasteful t-shirt with a bike on it and not the "I'm the Irishman Your Mother Warned You About" one I was wearing today). She obliged, and called me to tell me she was five minutes from the office. I walked down to the back entrance and outside to the lunch tables, and sat in the cold for five minutes. Then ten. Then fifteen. Then twenty. By then my internal exercise heat had worn off and figured I better find my phone and see what was going on. While I was crossing the skyway, I saw the car, so I walked back out. Eryn's most interesting 4th birthday present? She was in a car accident. Some guy hit the back of the Focus hard enough to push it four feet into a controlled intersection and leave two punctures in the bumper from his license plate bolts. Apparently the sun was in his eyes - which begs questions like, "Why didn't you pull over?" "Where are your sunglasses?" And, "Do you know if there had been cross traffic, you might have killed a four year old on her birthday?" But hey, not being able to see is no excuse for not getting to work on time.

Eryn had a great birthday. Grandpa and Grandma got her all sorts of art supplies, and we got her a ball and truck, and her aunt and uncle (and cousins) bought her magnetic animals that can exchange their body parts, just like real animals, had they been designed by a creator with a better sense of humor. She spent more time Macaroni Grill opening gifts than eating her food. You know she's interested in gifts if she doesn't want cake.

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Anonymous said...

Give Eryn a big hug from Grandpa John and Grandma Ellen. Sorry to hear of the accident. Hope their is no after the fact medical problems. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERYN!