Saturday, April 14, 2007

Mostly Just a Picture

Mean Mr. Mustard seems intent to bring me down with his comments, so I'm posting a picture where I'm way up high. You can't see me, because I'm taking the picture, but if you look really carefully you might see an alligator or two. I bet Kyle knows where this is from. Quiet day - the coffee shop, the park, gymnastics, a new bike for Eryn (the two wheel sort -her early birthday present), bike construction, bike riding, getting mine out for a spin around the block in a hurry just to make sure I get to ride it, new big solar system puzzle ("The sun is bigger than any of the planets!" [Eryn]. "Did you fix the hole in Uranus?" [Me]. "You're a child." [Jen...I assume to both Eryn and me]), stories, guitar practice, bedtime (for Eryn). If Kyle would have called me, there'd be an almost midnight showing of The Host and some sushi as well, but I'll have to find an alternative plan.

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