Monday, June 05, 2023

Books, Bicycling, and Beers 2023: OMNI

5/22 - Omni Brewing [and wine] in the Rosemount area. Another brewery in a cornfield.  Apparently most things south of me trend that way.  Maybe it's ambience.  Maybe everything south of me is a cornfield.  Regardless, a nice play.  I asked the bartender if it had been there long and he said "oh, yeah, long time."  I was surprised, because I hadn't heard of it.  Then he added, "Since December."  I obviously have a different definition of a long time.

Aeryn showed up to have a soda and pizza with me.  This book on sex was good. I'd have liked MORE history instead of some of the affirmational sex-positive reassurances, but I'm fairly sex-positive and assured, so it's a bit wasted on me as a target.  Still...I get the audience she's after.  The World Record Book of Racist Stories is wonderful.  Part of a two book set and I recommend them both. I found out that one of my coworkers in my book chat on Slack went to school with the Ruffins in Omaha.  He recognized people from the stories.

Omni book and beer by:

Their ambiance.
Omni Barrels by:

And tap list. If you zoom in on their tap list, you can enjoy beer names like Time Machine and Strategery.  Points for clever beer names.
Omni Beer List by:

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