Monday, June 05, 2023

Books, Bicycling, and Beers 2023: Modist

5/26 - Modist Brewery in downtown Minneapolis.  This was a good choice.  Particularly if you like to go to breweries where most of the people are more attractive than you are.  Although perhaps that applies to all of downtown.  I love the ride along the [Mississippi] river up past the Stone Arch bridge and into town.  So much to look at and so many people to see.

Reading the second Lacey Lamar and Amber Rufkin book, which is really the first.  I liked the second better because it expanded more fully to other family and friends.  But they were both well worth the read.

Sank might be amused to know I ended my trip to Modist by buying their THC gummies on a whim.  Very good.  No after taste.  Although I didn't chew one mid bike trip.  That feels crazy.  But I did try a 5 mg at home.  And nothing.  I know that's not uncommon.  Then I did it again.  And nothing.  Then I went to 10, nothing.  Again.  Again.  The last time I coughed once.  I suspect I slept better as I took them in the evening, but I'm five tries in without an effect. Someone else said that perhaps it was simply a bad batch and took a 5 mg.  It was obviously NOT a bad batch.

I was sort of ambivalent, so I'm not sure I'll continue with the experiment, despite the big leg bruise and intercostal strain.  I'll wait for something more consistent before I add a new vice.

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I love Modist.  Great beer.  LGBTQIA+ [see the colored flag that looks like someone hung up Minnesota backwards on the right].  Great breeze.  The photo above was inside, but I quickly moved to an open table outside with a little shade and was in heaven.
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