Monday, June 05, 2023

Books, Bicycling, and Beers 2023: Nine Mile Brewing

May 19: Nine Mile Brewery - a heck of a haul after being in the UK for two weeks without my bicycle.  The Theory of Everything Else was a sort of trivia book.  Good.  Not great.
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Did about 40 miles and change round trip.  Safety book in this photo - it doesn't count because I didn't switch.
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Flooding was still going on, so part of the reason the ride was 40+ miles was that I had to go around the Minnesota river and across the 494 bridge instead of across Old Cedar Bridge.  Google Maps tried to lead me back across near Nine Mile.  Google Maps does NOT understand flooding.  Unfortunately, to get to this crossing I had to come way down into the river valley and then....go back up.  It was a tough enough [albeit short] climb that I forgot to turn my odometer back on.
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I thought that I had strained a muscle, maybe during the ride, maybe when I had a charley horse that woke me up that night.  It was tough to sleep after that ride.  But a few days later Jen says "What did you do?"  I had no idea what she was talking about.  She said I had a black and blue mark on the back of my leg.  This does not fully capture the glory of that bruise.  For a while we were concerned I'd had some sort of clot/thrombosis on the plane.  But it is possible to get a charley horse so bad that it breaks blood vessels in the muscle.  Meet an example.  I can't really articulate how bad the charley horse was that woke me up. I was pretty sure my leg wasn't going to rip itself off.  Apparently that's exactly what it tried to do.

I'm trying really aggressively to injure myself.  I managed to get an intercostal muscle injury [ribs] running recently as well.  Feels like I'm sleeping on a softball on the left side.  It's finally getting a little better and I biked and ran my way through it because I'm not straining it like some professional.  But I'm clearly outpacing my ability.  And I should stretch more.  Always that last thing.
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