Monday, June 05, 2023

Books, Bicycling, and Beers 2023: Wandering Leaf

5/28 Wandering Leaf.  I had NO idea this place existed.  They're not even fully installed in their mall yet as the outside patio is still under construction.  This was amazingly close to home.  Still about an 18-19 mile round trip, but just a hop across the Hwy 5 bridge at Fort Snelling and I'm there.  Closer than even Venn.

Today's reading.  Dystopia time.

Wandering Leaf Beer Book by:

They've got a very cool plant vibe.  Reminds me of the new coffee shop [Curiouser] that went in recently down in Apple Valley.  Gives it a real great ambience for a mall.
Wandering Leaf Plants by:

And their board game selection was excellent.  I didn't know Trash Pandas came with so many bananas.  Like some board game Hausu.  But there were a number of non-starter games, more than I've seen anywhere.  Only thing that made me sad was I dropped my odometer when I went to put it back on my bike.  Fell less than three feet, but landed right on the edge and cracked.  I could live with it, but I suspect it'll be a huge problem if I'm in the rain, although even then I can just transfer it to the protective plastic baggie I keep in my bike bag.  I looked it up.  They're repairable, although if you do it through Garmin they swap you for a refurb on the cheap.  I'll have to work my way up to that.  I'd like a stiff bike bag for the back of the rackless road bike first, so we'll see where I feel my priorities lie.
Wandering Leaf Raccoon by:

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