Monday, April 25, 2022

Things I Haven't Written About

  • Scalzi's Kaiju and how woke that bastard is....
  • More Undaunted
  • Under Falling Skies
  • Python and what I'm doing to keep myself current including
    • Geofenced Pinot with Streamlit
    • Streamlit in general
    • My general how to keep myself competitive targets
  • More about Covid
  • April's reading
  • The Year in Tech 2022
  • Rachel's Widowhood
  • What I'm Not Getting Done Around the House
  • My desire for a new bicycle and treadmill after my endless effort screwing around with carbon brushes on the old one
  • Banjo 
  • Where's my book at?
  • Dan's stone
  • Getting off social media because billionaires suck
  • All those other things....including Alex leaving.

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