Saturday, April 23, 2022


I woke up Thursday morning at 2:00 a.m. with the chills.  Having had a dry cough that seemed a little suspicious even for what I've experienced on blood pressure meds, I took one of my free tests.  The test was pretty insistent after I'd peed on it that I was pregnant with covid.  I'm pretty sure I know where I got it as my events were fairly isolated in time, so I'm going to blame Jesus.  I wouldn't have changed my behavior, but the irony of probably getting it from an Easter breakfast buffet when I don't do Easter meals and really generally dislike buffets - Mama Sheila's excluded, props to her for serving the buffet food and keeping multiple sets of fingers away from everything - is ironic.  Perhaps Jesus felt a need to give it to me to prove he can save me.  That whole I only hurt you because I love you and want to teach you a lesson thing.  But mostly I think smart people who designed vaccinations saved me.

My experience with covid so far leads me to believe there's an intelligence to the disease. Dry cough, try to trick you into thinking it's just the dry cough that comes with blood pressure meds...annoying sure, but it doesn't seem to be getting to you. How about a headache and heavy runny nose/congestion? You're going to sleep upright and take meds? about these intermittent but hard core chills during the night...those your kryptonite? You're sleeping in your flannel robe under the covers to try and mitigate it and just logging extra hours in bed to make up for the sleep disruption? Well la te about some muscle cramps? Let's target the muscles that are usually a little achier as you've aged that twinge a bit after exercise and try and ramp up those specific aches until they're hard to ignore. No, still not getting to you, I'm nothing compared to achy muscles end of the day after an Almanzo bike ride? How about some abdominal cramps? Almanzo or RAGBRAI give you abdominal cramps? Reminds me of Lyme's [which I had twice] in that it seems to be wandering around the body looking for a weakness. I'd hate to experience this w/o being vaxxed. My condolences to anyone who's gone through or lost someone they care about to it so far. Be careful in MN - the rates are waaay up and those multiple BA2 variants are super infectious.

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