Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Wonder Woman, Challenge of the Amazons - Round II

Three players against Ares this time.  E almost had us play difficult.  If we had, that three point life total difference would have had us losing by a point.  Instead...we won with a single point to spare.  If the game had ended without defeating him, he'd have taken us down with his next turn.  He already had the points on the board.  We did learn that leaving a couple orange cubes lying around can become a big issue quickly because of how blockades kick in off the enemy cards sometimes.  And we didn't optimize, but the intersection of relics and individual Amazonian powers can make a huge difference (anything that lets Diana use her single movement during planning to hop across the board, for instance).

It was a lot more fun with three people.  Gave it quite a bit of additional discussion and divvying up and determining how to use card interactions and teaming up.

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