Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Postcards in the Coronavirus Days - Part I

During the Coronavirus era of work from home, I've started sending folks postcards.  Partially because:
  • people like to get handwritten items, even if they don't initially think they will,
  • I have a lot of stamps and no way to use them
  • the post office needs money and I need to use the stamps I have so I can buy more stamps
  • I bought a lot of Last Week Tonight stamps, and I need to use them because they're funny,
  • I have weird things to say to people I've known for a long time
  • there were a bunch of old postcards in several boxes from my childhood/teen years my folks left me.  On the order of 100 or so.  I don't want to keep them.  They should be someone else's problem.
Sent to Garm and Maggie: This is Elizabeth, married to Henry VII, and the female side of ending the War of the Roses.  I bought this when I was in London in like 1991.  Probably at the National Portrait Museum.

Sent to Greg J: Catherine of Aragon, Henry VIII's first wife that was married to his brother Arthur (who died).  Probably also from the National Portrait Museum in 1991.

Sent to Julie L: the Wren Library at Cambridge, from a visit to Cambridge in 1991 (you know, it might have been 1990.  It was a long time ago).  I loved that campus.  One of my FOMOs was not going to school in Wales/UK when I had the chance and getting married instead.  Life works out, but I loved my visits to England.

Sent to Katie K: from a trip to Maine when I was in High School..  Probably to visit colleges with my family (I remember reading Red Storm Rising, so that was 1986..dang, that was only his second book).  I sent this letter from Tom Hardy (my apologies for the impersonation Tom, but it was for a good cause) informing Katie that because of CV I was jogging cross country to meet up with her.  Dirigo!

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