Sunday, June 04, 2017

The Grizzled

[SEE PART II - there are some clarifications/corrections -]

We were down at Klund's house this weekend and I've got a copy of The Grizzled, but I haven't learned to play it yet.  So tonight, after feeling very ill for a while, I'm trying to figure out the basics:

What I've learned:

  • A speech gets rid of a card in each player except the speech giver's hand if they have that particular "bad" thing (snow, etc).  No.....that's not correct.  If you have one you can get rid of it.  That's the best thing, pick your own.
  • You get a speech if you were the leader
  • Keep your cards between rounds - that means lots more cards disappear from the monument pile - bad.
  • If you have four (4) hard knocks, you die and everyone loses
  • If you fail, there's no support and the leader doesn't move.
  • You must withdraw, even if you're out of cards.  It may trigger something bad.
  • Merry Christmas is the only "good" card in the deck
  • Deal starts with yourself if you're the mission leader (lead by example!)
  • If you've withdrawn, your "permanent" trauma doesn't count
  • Remember to use your good luck charm!
  • Becoming leader allow you to lose two characteristics (hard knocks) or regain your good luck.
  • You have to have more support tokens.  No ties.
  • The support tiles move to the person you pointed them at.
  • 3 is the minimum number of cards that can come off the monument deck
  • If you lose and people are withdrawn you process the tiles and that person loses only one (1) hard knock card, not two (2).j  In that case the mission leader moves and the speech shows up for the previous leader.
  • After an unsuccessful mission the cards in no man's land are shuffled back into the mission pile (with the dove)
  • The lucky charm only gets rid of one (1) card, not all cards of a type (in no man's land)
  • If a speech is given and a "trauma" card matches the speech, it may be discarded.
  • The first round is a minimum three (3) intensity, subsequent rounds are a minimum one (1) intensity.
  • Speeches don't help those who have withdrawn
  • The four hard knocks (or more) only matter after you pass the leader, because they could (potentially) eliminate two (2) hard knocks.

I'm still not sure of the end of game rules....but I think you basically have to play out all your hands and have the dove showing.  That looks freaking difficult...

  • Grizzled Gameplay: 30 minutes
  • Game Night (Season 3: Espisode 20): 72 minutes!

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