Monday, June 05, 2017

The Grizzled - Part II (corrections!)

Some updates after playing a four person game and a three person game.
  • Four people: Me, Pooteewheet, Eryn, and Grumpa - loss
  • Three people: Me, Pooteewheet, Grumpa - loss

I'd point out that the more than four hard knocks, but maybe support fixes it rule is also very hard to remember.  So I could have five hard knocks, even six if I had the double knock card, and getting support would allow me to get back under the four knocks equals death rule.

  • Pay a LOT of attention to withdrawing as it causes conditions to disappear such as those other players may have that keep you from withdrawing.
  • A speech gets rid of a card in each player except the speech giver's hand if they have that particular "bad" thing (snow, etc).  No.....that's not correct.  If you have one you can get rid of it.  That's the best thing, pick your own.
  • You get a speech if you were the leader - so a card like Tyrannical can prevent speeches because the leader won't move.
  • [That's not true, some players may have withdrawn and so there may be reduced support] If you fail, there's no support and the leader doesn't move.
  • [This is incorrect, it's getting support that makes this happen.  It's independent of the leader.]  Becoming leader allow you to lose two characteristics (hard knocks) or regain your good luck.
  • One example had the mission leader moving round robin.  Another had it moving to the person with the most support.  We liked the more support version.

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