Friday, June 30, 2017


We played Seasons as a family after Klund and I tried it at his house.  It was marginally better with three people.  You aren't as capable of tracking everything everyone is up to constantly.  But it was pretty obvious it's heavily chance driven.  I pulled a combo that allowed me to score 21 points almost every single season - e.g. almost every round - by grabbing two resources and then cashing them in for a triple return because I had three of the same card.  Until that happened, I was definitely losing. Balance of Ishtar (eventually 3) + Hourglass of time.'s possible I was playing it wrong and that I was supposed to cash in 3 resources for each one, but that is absolutely not how the rules read.  It said that effects are cumulative.  I think that's another disadvantage of the game - it's difficult to understand how the cards interact sometimes.  Very Magic the Gathering in that respect.

My wife and daughter enjoyed it - helped a lot that I could explain it to them with no rules reading or looking things up.  That always makes games easier to digest.  They didn't have to deal with the pain Klund and I did trying to parse the rules.  So still not on my go-to list of games, but at least a bit more interesting.  I don't think I'd ever be tempted to grab an expansion.

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