Friday, June 30, 2017


Last Sunday I decided I was lacking in longer rides because of Ingress.  Ingress tends to slow me down to 7-8 miles in an hour on average.  No amount of sprinting fixes it.  Hacking, linking, and fielding simply takes time.  So I committed to picking a portal with a lot of big fields hanging off of it and decided I'd just go there with no stops.

It was more interesting than I expected. It was near Empire Township south of Farmington and I got a lost a few times before I finally found the dirt road I was supposed to be on.  Reminiscent of Almanzo.

I got lost several more times trying to work my way around the portal because it seemed to be in the middle of a field. But every spur on the dirt road ran into private property or a no-trespassing fence.  So I finally said "fuck it" and lifted my bike over my head and crossed a barb wire fence to get on a horse trail.  It was a little wet so it was crazy difficult going uphill.  But it was the right decision and I ended up at the portal.  It was an easy takedown because no more than one person at a time wants to haul their ass out there.  Ended up being about 41.5 miles and a 47.5 mile day.

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