Monday, June 09, 2014

Recent Board Gaming

It's a gaming month at the Scooter household.  Eryn wanted to learn how to play Settlers of Catan, so we had it out.  She has a serious sci fi bent (hence the t-shirt) so as an elementary graduation, I agreed to get her Star Trek of Catan, even though it's almost exactly the same game with the exception of the look and feel and the officer cards.  I want to make my own officer cards.  I know they're all supposed to be Starfleet officers, but there should really be a Khan card. And the crazy officer from the the planet-killing unicorn horn  Doomsday Machine.  Him.  Maybe he'd destroy one starship.

We also have been playing King of Tokyo with the Panda Kai expansion.  I like playing The King (Kong), although Panda Kai is fun too.  I don't seem to get the mini-evolutions much and they who taught me how to play taught me it was either-or when you got three hearts, but it's really both (healing plus evolution).  A big difference.

And Kyle got Eryn Takenoko for her birthday.  A great game that's a lot like Catan, but with a hungry panda, a frustrated farmer, and an emperor.  This one deserves an expansion, but I'm not sure what.  It seems like it would be simple to add one more character with a deck of goal cards.  Princess?  Samurai?  Philosopher - he could add rocks that limit bamboo growth, all Tai Hu style.  Or perhaps a governmental worker who taxed the bamboo.  A sage?  Perhaps that's pretty much a philosopher.  The goal could be to get # sages to a particular color of bamboo grove.  That would be very Japanese.

Another picture of Takenoko, well into the game.

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