Friday, December 13, 2013

Farewell Tenney at Claddagh

We went to see Erik play with his new/reboot band, Farewell Tenney, at Claddagh coffee shop tonight.  They were very good - a much more folksy sound then in the past.

Farewell Tenney's female band member even took out a violin for a few of the songs.

And I liked the more family friendly venue at a coffee shop.  This is my Hot Molly: espresso, cayenne, cinammon, and honey.  Better than a hot chocolate - not nearly as sweet.

Here it is with friends.  My wife's mocha latte and Eryn's hot chocolate.

Some videos of Farewell Tenney in action.  The slide guitar was an excellent.  Erik's in there.  He just happens to be hiding behind Dan.

Still hiding behind Dan.  Although his daughter came around the right side, from my perspective, to see him.  That's not her in the video.  She's younger.  Much younger.  Great turnout.  The place was absolutely packed.

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erik said...

Thanks for the post! I'm glad you guys could come out and that it was enjoyable.