Thursday, December 12, 2013

British Arrow Awards

Tonight we (just the adults) went to The British Arrow Awards at the Walker.  We'd been once before and that time, and this one, I won two tickets from work, making the total cost for our evening of entertainment $4.00.  Nice.  The advertisements featured were both funny, in the case of Guinness and Axe and Thinkbox and Money Supermarket, and disturbing/sad in the case of the women's shelter (scary rape scene because the shelter was being defunded), childhood abuse prevention, smoking, and anti-shark finning.  The did an excellent job pulling the series together to handle the ups and downs to keep you entertained rather than simply amused or too sad/shocked.  Some of my favorites:

Guinness' Sheep Dog:

Money Supermarket Astronaut:

Thinkbox's Harvey & Rabbit

Funny Fortnight with Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson - my fellow Anglophiles will recognize the context of the duo together:

John Lewis Christmas Retail - The Journey

Orange Security:

John Lewis Never Knowingly Understold - not funny, but really a beautiful commercial with a great cover of INXS

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