Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Don't read this book...

I picked up The Goliath Stone on the new releases shelf at the library.  It's something like 316 pages of awful.  I can't actually believe Niven was a major part of this book.  There will be spoilers.  I'm trusting you won't read it, so it shouldn't matter.  I'll be quick.  People send nanobots to space to harvest a meteor.  Nanobots evolve while on Earth a rogue scientist spends time in jail using inmates as test subjects to perfect his own nanobots for humans that make them better, smarter, energy efficient, and only full of good thoughts lest they suffer seizures.  Add lots of lame sex humor and so much banter you'll want to yell at them all to shut the hell up.  Later the meteor comes back with the nanobots.  The augmented humans rush out to meet them and introduce them to sex.  Everyone is super happy except the reader who wants them to all shut the hell up.

Here are all the one star ratings on Amazon.  I didn't add my own, but you can trust that if I had written a review, it would have ended up here.  It makes it easy to nominate as the worst book I read this year.  Hopefully that's the end of it and I don't have to add, "so far."

I also greatly disliked The Oatmeal's How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You.  At least in that case I can attribute it to my general lack of interest in cat humor.  I picked it up because I thought Eryn might enjoy it, but I felt I should read it first to make sure it was child appropriate.  It was child appropriate.  It just wasn't Scooter appropriate.  There's plenty of office-based humor, but the cats just sort of ruin it for me.  Not all cat humor bothers me.  I like Catbert.  But I far prefer it when The Oatmeal sticks to strips about Christopher Columbus and Nikola Tesla.

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