Monday, December 09, 2013


There's some ongoing debate about who has found the nastiest crud at their rental property.  This won't make any best of lists if I were to start canvasing the internet, but I felt it might win a local award within my sphere of friends.

I fixed the vanity on the first floor at the rental and it required a whole lot of Ka-boom while I was McGuyver-ing the drawers to make sure they stayed on their rollers.  A lot because in the drawers and all over the bottom of the vanity was this.  While I may be wrong, given what was mixed with it, this seems to be whiskers that are biodegrading.  A lot of whiskers biodegrading.  There was shaving creme in the drawers to back up that supposition.  As well as whiskers mixed in various states of breaking down.  If I had thought of it sooner, I would have taken a more balanced picture that caught the passage of time.  But I was sort of grossed out and this represents a lot of end-state whiskers from the bottom of the vanity.

The cleanup smelled awful!  My brother, who seems not to have the best sense of smell walked in while I was cleaning drawers, pre-warned that it didn't smell so good, and said, "That smells bad!"  I worry that I was subjecting my lungs and immune system to aerosolized whiskers and nasties all to save $300 on a vanity.

Here's the back of the vanity.  Looks like mouse poop, but it's primarily clumped up bits of hair.  The back of the vanity is still sealed with caulk, so I'm not exactly sure how they got all this to the back (it was clean when we switched renters last).  The drawers don't even go all the way back on the sliders.  they stop about three to four inches short.  So there shouldn't be anything back that far.

It's all clean now.  Beautifully so.  Bars are fixed.  And lining paper put in just to ensure that I don't have to worry that enough cleaner to pickle my hands still wasn't enough to kill every whisker-eating microbe who called the vanity home.

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