Thursday, November 21, 2013

Some light cleaning

This is a about 1/3 of the switch and outlet covers, plus doorbell cover, from the rental property. It makes no sense to put filthy covers back on freshly painted walls.  And they were filthy.  I've used three full sinks of water while scrubbing them because the first sink full was gray and smelled bad.  The second sink full was gray, but mostly scent-free.  And by the third sink full of water, the dish soap was actually sudsing up instead of just binding to the dirt and disappearing.

There are a third I disposed of.  Painted blue, red, green, and white and too much trouble to clean.  And a third that were cracked, chipped, or outright shattered.  It represents a sizeable outlay in plastic at the hardware store, so I'm happy to be reclaiming as many as I can.


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