Friday, November 22, 2013

Hunger Games: Catching Fire

We made a last minute decision to catch Hunger Games: Catching Fire tonight.  With all the rental property work going on during the weekends, I've been trying to make sure we do something fun to make up for all the time I'm gone.  It was packed.  Primarily with teenage girls.  Coincidentally, we ended up in the same row, about four rows from the front because of the crowd, as The Boss and his wife.  He started reporting to me on Monday, so it was particularly coincidental.  He texted me from the end of the row to tell me to stop working (I was...looking at a charges issue one of the developers is investigating).

The movie was better than the first, in my opinion.  Somewhat cleaner in storyline with an increasing pace throughout.  I liked Thor (II) better, but Hunger Games is definitely a young adult movie with a teenage girl focus.  Eryn loved it.  Go figure.  During the scene with the killer monkeys (that's not a spoiler - read the book), however, I found myself almost laughing.  It's The Cookie Monster's fault.  All those fangs and gnashing and grabbing and I was picturing complaints about the monkeys poking Cookie.

Unrelated, Mad Dog Vachon died today.  It reminded me of a play Kyle and Dan and I went to back in 2007 that stared Baron Von Raschke.

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