Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mystery humans spiced up ancients’ rampant sex lives

I enjoyed this article.  It says something about my opinion of people that I have no doubt that most humanoids would mate with most other humanoids given half a chance and that it hasn't changed since, well, ever.

My favorite quote was this back-handed attempt to upsell the excitement of our randy predecessors, "“What it begins to suggest is that we’re looking at a ‘Lord of the Rings’-type world — that there were many hominid populations,” says Mark Thomas, an evolutionary geneticist at University College London who was at the meeting but was not involved in the work."

Hobbits (well, that one is sort of true), orcs, goblins!  All getting it on in a big pre-historic orgy.  No wonder they needed a full team of female spelunkers.  They probably spent most of their time just shaking their heads and untangling the bones.

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