Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Caching Reboot

I went out tonight to do some geoaching, bicycling to the closest three to my house.  Apparently I'm out of practice, because I had two Did Not Finds out of three attempts.  And I haven't been out in so long that I forgot that pants are mandatory in the summer.  And sort of mandatory in the winter in Minnesota, come to think of it.  This is one scratch out of several I did find along with a nice multi-spotted shin/ankle bruise that looks like it went as deep as the bone.  Obviously, I don't cache half-assed.  I won't give up.  I'd like to hit all the new ones by the house.  But I'll be throwing on my old fat guy Dockers to trudge through the scrub, regardless of how stupid I look on my bike.

I did get a nice photograph of some near-cache flowers for my troubles.  Much better than the flattened prayer penny that was available.

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