Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Eagan TV

Eryn is at local access cable television camp this week.  Yes, that's a thing.  And it's not hosted by Viva and Jerry.  It's with Eagan TV and they spend the week writing scripts, acting, learning to use the professional cameras, and learning the tricks of good filming.  Eryn is doing something that involves a gold jelly bean, a Nerf sword, someone turning into a hotdog, and ninjas.  I think.

It's been fun having her at my workplace, as the cable tv folks operate out of donated space in our lower level.  She and I have coffee together in the morning (Snow Drift blended drink for her, white chocolate, no whip) and hang out while I work before she starts class.  When I was walking across the skyway that connects two of our buildings, they were outside practicing posing.  Eryn's in the red shirt near the tree.  Tomorrow they all get interviewed and film interviews with other classmates.  She's been having a great time.

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