Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cattle Truck

This is a picture of me being transported to the Burnsville Performing Arts Center in Kyle's pickup to see Eryn perform in The Wizard of Oz ballet. Take it with a grain of salt and really think about it before you accuse my wife and Kyle of treating me like I'm on a cattle truck.  It's a very funny picture if you know my left arm and leg are both mostly nonfunctional.

This was the first time I wore pants after the accident.  I've got a lot of bruising and nerve regrowth happening in the left leg, so after two hours it felt like someone was rubbing all the hair off my leg.  Correction, it felt like someone had rubbed all the hair off my leg, with a piece of sandpaper.  But I was excited to wear pants instead of basketball shorts to Eryn's performance.  And being in a wheelchair gets you a very nice spot to sit down front.

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