Wednesday, May 16, 2012


My sister showed up this morning with a chocolate covered donut.  That's beyond exciting when you're confined to a basement and incapable of procuring your own donut.  Particularly when you manage a weekly donut (and other treats) day at work.  She brought my niece with her who really wanted to know what my grabber was for.  I told her it was for reaching things I couldn't reach while my shoulder was broken, and then proceeded to try and grab her orange sucker out of her hand with it repeatedly.

The hardest part about my broken bones seems to be typing.  I guess, more accurately, it's walking.  But I don't walk far (I use the walker and stick to the right side), so it's not as noticeable as typing, which is part of my day.  I try to keep a bit of sanity about me by reading and by editing the novel I was writing.  I can only get about five pages before I have to rest for a while.  Less if I'm blogging or writing or doing bills.  Frustrating.

Made it outside for a while today, but the metal deck chair isn't comfortable with the broken hip. On a positive note, it keeps me from staying in the sun too long and getting a burn, which would be awful.

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