Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The Wienery, with bonus content

On Facebook, you only get the picture of the hot dog. Here I'll add some content, for all my best friends. Over the weekend, we went to The Wienery with Ming, Cookie Queen, and her boys. I lived almost on top of The Wienery with Kyle for two years and never once partook of their hot doginess. My wife asked why, and for the life of me, the only good reason I have is that I was poor and what little money I did have went to pay for school, ramen noodles, mac and cheese, and beer. And a video game or two. Eating out was pretty far down my list. The Wienery was good, although the chili fries weren't as good as at Ben's Chili Bowl in D.C.

I went with The Upsetter. Bacon and egg. Over easy for me. Scrambled for Cookie Queen. The bun nicely soaked up my yolk with minimal finger mess. Which was good given the lack of bathroom facilities. It was a tough decision over The Tasmanian. Next time I'll go with two dogs rather than fries. Ming and my wife went with The Manhattan. That and chili fries is a bit of overkill in my opinion. Here's my Upsetter. Almost professional looking.
Nothing near Cedar Riverside is exactly pristine and shiny. You have to get down the block to the Acadia before anything looks nice. So if you haven't been to The Wienery and expect an upscale, trendy, yuppie hot dog place, check your expectations. Most of the furniture looks like it was picked up after someone had a garage sale, and then they moved out of the house and left The Wienery's furniture behind. And there's no ice. And no bathroom. And bring cash.  Despite the ambiance, I'm definitely going back to try the Tasmanian and mix it up with a spicy sausage instead of the traditional frank.  Perhaps next time there's a bicycling film festival in the neighborhood.

But there's a cool mural next to the Cedar Cultural Center.  It's difficult to think of the towers as art, but there you are.  Kyle and I lived on the top of the first one, floor 18, near the center.

And this mural is on the backside of Freewheel Bike as we walked to our hot dog.

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