Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Cedar Riverside

I mentioned Kyle and I lived at Cedar Riverside in that last post. I think it was sort of just becoming a community for Somalis when we lived there. Our neighbors were the weird guy with the German pants and the oversized headphones.  The middle aged lady who liked to chat Kyle up.  The cross dresser with leopardskin pants or transsexual next door (hard to say) who had bang-against-the-wall sexcapades (albeit, we had the paramedics show up for Kyle's knife fight with the floor, so we potentially disturbed more neighbors than she did).  The murderers on the first floor (and the murdered).  And Lynn Rasmussen and Kim Wickline a few flights down (I think Kyle and I should have brokered much harder to arrange a roommate swap, just so everyone got to meet someone new).

So this is more for Kyle than anyone else, but I saw this video on YouTube.  About five minutes in, he questions the hanging wood "art" in the entryway.  That was there in 1988 when we lived there (yes, 24 years ago, almost a quarter of a freakin' century), and the post office boxes looked the same.  It looks amazingly like it did when we lived there, except the hallways had carpet, and the Halal store was a PDQ.

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