Saturday, March 31, 2012

Some recent geocaching...

I recently downloaded the app to my iPhone.  This gives me the ability to geocache about whenever I want, as long as my battery doesn't die.  Most important realization about caching?  Cliffs and scary terrain don't scare me at all.  Teenagers wandering around in the woods as a pack result in me vacating almost immediately.  Not because I feel like some forest-dwelling perv, although that occurred to me.  But because I don't trust why they're out there, so I don't see the need to be anywhere in their vicinity.

Mr. Geocaching Cowboy is from a trail near my house that I didn't even know existed.  There are a number of lakes in the neighborhood you can't see, and the trail wraps around them.  Some serious work on the bike.

I gave Colin a whole bag full of geocaching dinosaurs and animals tonight.  And at least one soldier.  But I think I still have the cowboy.

I think you can see the cache in this picture if you think about it.  But only because the hiding place broke and it's a little more obvious.  Still took me a few minutes to figure out what I was looking for.

This is a camo style in Call of Duty.  It was very hard to see in the tree.

There was a cache across the street, although I think it had been muggled.  There were so many cars and pedestrians going by that I just couldn't spend much time really looking around.  But this hardware store was pretty cool.  If I had a business (one with a building, that is...well, a building that's not rental property...I mean, not rental property for half a dozen people...who were in a know what the hell I mean), I'd like it to be big enough that it has it's own sculpture park.

Near the high bridge.  Uppertown.  I didn't sit in the chair.  It was REALLY cold despite our recent weather.  It just happened to be between breakfast with Erik at the Day to Day and home.

Klund has the Pearly Gates.  Uppertown has this.  I'm not sure who wins.  Both have a cache nearby.

Cool sculpture in the Uppertown park.  Looks sort of dragonish.

The cache in the Uppertown park. My fingers were numb after getting it open.

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