Saturday, March 31, 2012

Why I Use FourSquare...

I use FourSquare because...

a.) I am now mayor of Eagan, and I think Eagan is really just the house down the street.  Despite the previous mayor's best efforts, I have snatched away the title.  At first it was just for a day or two, but lately it seems as if I've managed to lock it down.  Part of my effort has included posting random pictures of weird things I see.  She may have just abandoned being mayor because I seem like some sort of psycho with my pictures from the front of the City Pages, the cover of Pahluniak novels, and it goes downhill from there.
b.) I am mayor of my house.  This is close to the house that purports to be Eagan.  My house is characterized by pictures of feet, usually wearing various shoes.  I must look like a fetishist.  There are even pictures of Kyle's feet and Luna's feet.
c.) Jen's bed is now a FourSquare location.  I'm waiting to see who shows up as the mayor.
d.) I am mayor of Kedar's cube.  Kedar used to be a report at work, although not since the last reorg.  But I still claim dominion over his cube.  I bet his new manager isn't mayor of anyone's cube.  And I'm hot on Jennifer's tail.  Go figure.

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