Friday, March 30, 2012

Reboot II

We decided to mix it up over at again.  It took us a year to realize that with no text other than the alt and title image tags and title to the post, most search engines were doing a very poor job of finding the site.  At least now we show up when someone searches for snrky.  Even that didn't get a hit before.  So we're moving things around.  Dropping the title for the comic onto the bottom of the image (that's no good for search, but if people want to share it, at least they don't have to cut and paste a few things - we could lay the title into the image as well, but at the bottom is more interesting.  We may get rid of the * and move it truly to the bottom left).  Adding the title and alt as real text to the post - visible, not just as attributes of the image.  And....drum roll...adding content.  I have to say that's the most difficult part.  I can think up short funny blurbs, but trying to add some related content, regardless of how much I type in other capacities, is sort of painful.  The intent is to add it at the same time as the post so there's always a comic at the top of the page.

Additionally - we're going to be messing around with the white on black and perhaps going black on white and trying to pretty it up a bit while we're at it.  It's an interesting learning experience as a background thread to other things I do.

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