Friday, March 30, 2012

Cultural Dissonance

The last two nights have something of a weird dichotomy of cultural experience.  On Wednesday, I went to Plankton at the Trylon with Kyle.  It was part of their viewer-selected Trash Film Debauchery series, and the guy who requested the movie was in the audience.  If you're not familiar with it by the name Plankton, it also goes by the title, Creatures from the Abyss.

The plot?  Idiots get lost at sea in a raft.  They find a yacht.  It's a pleasure yacht belonging to scientists who are a.) researching deep sea life in an area polluted with radioactive waste and b.) having weird fish sex.  The rest of the movie involves said idiots managing to get bitten/contaminated.  This ends in turning into a Ray Harryhausen-esque tentacly stop-motion fish guy.  Giving birth to copious amounts of caviar.  Growing a fish out of your back during sex.  Being subjected to a phone-sex-esque shower that's breaking down, and a weird wall sculpture that offers up nonsensical advice.  Growing a fish out your back that's forced to pinch your brain until you behave because you're still listening to your friends.  And your pregnant fiance (of a year!) shooting herself in the head with a spear gun.  I'm sure I missed something, like the flying fish that looked like they were from the Cthulu universe in From Beyond.  My favorite quotes was, "YOU HAVE NO MORE SISTER!"  That's brilliant.

A few reviews:

This should prove to Altsie that I've go no problem with bot-capable movies that lack bots. Thanks for the comment!  I'd love a few tickets - I'll talk a few developers from work into going.

Then, on Thursday, I went to Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy at the Children's Theatre Company with Eryn and her friend Eli (pronounce it "ellie" - Eli is a her - whose dad works with me, if you consider working in the same building of 7000 people to be "works with me").  Content wise, this was probably the best play we've seen at CTC so far.  Despite being a play for kids, they didn't pull any punches.  Kids got hit by their fathers.  Children and mothers were committed to the mental hospital to die.  Grandpa died of a broken heart.  Families were uprooted.  Greed ruled.  Mom was dead and Dad couldn't talk about it. And the racial/racist part of the story line was front and center.

Mrs. Cobb was well played.  Absolutely wonderful.  So was Lizzy.  The Buckminster boy was a little too reminiscent of the whining from A Wrinkle in Time, but more palatable given the strong performances surrounding him and the engaging story line.

Eli had seen part of the show already on line, and knew that there was going to be a very loud and scary scene at one point, when Lizzie and Turner (Buckminster) are lost at sea in a rowboat in a storm (see...just like Plankton!) and encounter a whale.  She wanted to leave the theater until the scary part was over, but I convinced her that wrapping my jacket around her head would be sufficient so I could watch, and I'd let her know when it was over.  A good call, as it was impressive to see a whale head and tail appear on the CTC stage.


CookieQueen said...

Conner saw that with my aunt & uncle last week. Did Eryn enjoy it? I think Conner liked it, but he didn't say much about it.

Scooter said...

He saw Plankton? There was full frontal nudity! Shame on you.

I bet you're talking about Lizzie Bright. She really liked it. Very much a thinking movie. Reminded me of the Bridge to Terabithia (movie) as a kid dies in a production obviously aimed at kids.