Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wayward Betty

Mean Mr. Mustard let me know that someone I had previously blogged about was back on campus.  Work campus.  Not school campus.  And he let me know she has a blog.  All for the price of a pancake.  He's a great friend.  So this is a bit of an experiment.  I strongly recommend Kate's blog, Wayward Betty.  It's good writing.  Funny.  Writing for the sake of writing - not a mix of comical observations, software and beer links, and variegated mental masturbation (e.g....the sort of "nod to nothing") in which I indulge.  As someone with a master's in writing, I can appreciate her blog for what I should do, but refuse to do.  And while I fail to believe anyone worthwhile comes from Milwaukee (let's see how carefully my wife reads my blog), Kate's stories are enjoyable and descriptive.

But my experiment relates to my own blog, and the bloginess that is blogging and reading other blogs and being mentioned by bloggers without knowing that you have been mentioned.  Kate...if you ever find your way here, via redirect tracking, casual search of Google, statcounter, or some other similar tool, my challenge is this, can you find yourself on my blog?  Don't start digging through the last few days or weeks or even months.  Think back to when you last worked with the esteemed Mean Mr. Mustard and myself, even though you might not know us from  Can I use a plural for Adam if I mean it to refer to the saying that refers to the Biblical Adam?  After all.  There was only one.  Dibs on Adam.  Mean Mr. Mustard gets to be "you don't know him from Eve" if Adam requires the singular.  If you just can't figure it out, lob a guess my direction and I'll confess to the correct post(s).  There's not a dearth of writing so, like horoscopes, there's no shortage of ways to see yourself in at least one bit of writing.

Sincerely, Scooter and Mean Mr. Mustard/Eve (by Proxy).


Wayward Betty said...

Well you got me, although snagging me by vanity and a self-google search is not so complicated... in the same vain, I made a futile attempt at finding these former blogs you speak of, but, well, sir... you write a lot.

Scooter said...

I am verbose, although I prefer to think I'm just persistent and anyone willing to write since 2003 would have a similar amount of garbage available to read. As promised, here is the post. It's actually two posts, but this one ties back to the original via a link: