Thursday, July 07, 2011

Software Links VI (and other articles of interest)

  • Refactoring Javascript with kratko.js - an interesting way to apply statistical analysis to your javascript refactoring.  You can try it on the page by using their simple bookmarklet on the page and the window object.
  • 9 Tips on How To Improve Yourself as a Web Designer - read, write, talk, build.  It's surprising how few developers and designers actually follow that advice.
  • 10 Tips to Boost Your HTML Forms Performance - label above the field and don't mask your password are particularly interesting.
  • 5000 Free Math, Physics, And Engineering Video Tutorials And Lectures - Khan and MIT are the bulk of them, but these will be cool to share with Eryn.
  • 45+ New jQuery Techniques For Good User Experience - so many easy little javascript widgets for autocomplete, navigation, file trees, book widgets, and more.  Although I'm not I'll ever have a need for a robot on my web pages.
  • Content Management Assessment Worksheet - I post this because I think the first three sections would be fun to ask any developer when doing their mid-year review and discussing their projects year-to-date.  "I'm going to go ask your stakeholders if they can give me an elevator pitch. Your review partially relies on their answer."  Unfortunately, I might have to mark down my own assessment in such a case, although anyone who had me as their stakeholder could be guaranteed I have a pitch of some sort.
  • Jalapeño and beer brined pork chops - I really want to try them.  And as a bonus, you get to learn about "Pork Chop Theory".  "According to Dupree, if you cook one pork chop in a pan on high heat it will burn. But if you cook two pork chops in a pan, the chops will cook evenly as each chop’s fat will feed the other. As Willis has written, “It’s the ultimate in giving, sharing, and developing mutually beneficial partnerships and relationships. It’s not about competition, it’s about sharing the fat, sharing the love.”"
  • Fit or Future, Which is More Important When Hiring? - my focus is usually future, although I better get the impression your piece doesn't fit because of the skill selection, not because of a lack of foundation knowledge.

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