Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tim Pawlenty

I really hope this is easy to see.  I've been reading a lot lately.  And by a lot, I mean by mid-year I'm almost at the exact same number of pages I read total last year.  Admittedly, last year was horrible.  I blame managerialnessosity.  The state of/in which one is a manager.  And a vaguely first-year manager.  I've quit telling people "it takes two (2) years to get good at your job" because it freaks out executive management.  But it's the truth.  Year one is a total %!*/*&*%$%-fest.  Particularly if the training style is "just dive in and see how you do."  About year .75 you realize, f-it, I'm doing, not asking.  Year 1.25 you think, these people aren't necessarily smarter than me, just more experienced.  And year 1.75 you begin to believe, I'm better at this than at least one other person, unless I'm deluded, because it's possible I'm the worst manager and I only think I'm at least second-worst.  But then I could always go on sheer numbers which state, I've gone from two to twenty reports, and from a few project in one project space to four projects in four project spaces with numerous real projects within each.  Of course then I just sit in my cube, cry on my team pancakes, and wonder why no one will give me 15 contiguous minutes to code up a TFS to Open Source scanning tool using Powershell and a few business rules.

Anyway.  Reading.  Been doing a lot.  And looking for a few dystopias.  But the other day I was content to just look for whatever sort of "science fiction" the Dakota County library system had to offer.  Particularly as they now show their recent acquisitions in reverse chronological order.  I was paging through the results, and on page four (4), lo and behold, "Courage to Stand: An American Story" by Tim Pawlenty.  If it weren't ironic enough that it shows up under science fiction, it's below "Sweet Farts: Rippin' It Old School" and only just above "Night of the Living Trekkies."  Keep that in mind if you vote for him in a primary.

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