Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I probably should have taken a picture...

There was a quote on a white board in the hallway at work today that said something to the effect of "The hardest thing in the world is a blank sheet of paper. And the easiest thing in the world is a blank sheet of paper." I added a note that a piece of paper wasn't as hard as a hammer, and then taped up a sheet of paper with a bunch of holes in it and the title, "see?"

I also received a nice picture of one of my leads sitting in the "high chair" I brought up from the lower level to escalate "chair wars" while he was out of town. Apparently he sat in it for two hours, pondering whether he should call facilities to see if they changed his chair, before he realized it might be traceable to me. One of his friends was nice enough to snap a photo of him with his knees above his keyboard.

I also left a jar in Ron's cube with a picture of salsa on it and the caption "Ron's Salsa Fund: 59 cents buys him a cup of salsa". He was annoyed several weeks ago that a small cup of salsa was 59 cents in the corporate cafe. I don't think the Canadian pennies I seeded his fund with will get him particularly closer a free blended tomato, but then again, many of our largest stock holders are Canadian, so perhaps he can make a case for equality of currency within the confines of the corporation.

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Kyle said...

Maybe the person who wrote the quote meant that paper could be hard in the context of being rolled tightly into an improvised prison shiv? Wound tightly enough and hit correctly with a hammer (or thrown about in a tornado) one might even be able to drive it into a tree or something similar.