Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Drinking Problem?

I exercised for a while tonight solely so I didn't have to feel bad about drinking a glass of Bulleit bourbon (wikipedia) while blogging. I had no similar compunction to make up for the pizza I ate at lunch.  I admit to having wanted a glass all day...  How could you not?  Look at it.  It's golden.  Wikipedia describes it as "russet". It's beautiful.  Even the bottle is beautiful, with its raised lettering, old-style label, and cork stopper.  The bourbon glass in this picture is very nice.  I'm drinking mine out of a sort of pear-shaped scotch glass Kyle gave me as a gift.  I prefer the scotch glass because my nose fits over it almost perfectly, so I can breath bourbon instead of oxygen if I like, which suits me just fine.

I'd offer you a glass, but it's gone.  I'll let you ponder whether I drank it or inhaled it.


Scooter said...

All right, who left a small bottle of Glenfiddich on my desk? I appreciate it immensely, but I'm perplexed at who did the leaving.

Kyle said...

I sampled some Bulleit while on the Tennessee trip and it was tasty. It reminded me more of of something along the lines of Jack Daniel's than some of the other bourbons sampled though.

Come to think of it, there were a lot of bourbons sampled on the trip; the Bulleit, Buffalo Trace, Eagle Rare, Maker's Mark, Maker's 46 (very tasty), White Dog Mash #1 and a couple others I can't quite remember...