Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mean Mr. Mustard sent me this amusing link from Digital Cuttlefish about a guy who was ticketed for going outside the bicycle lane.  He was offended, so he made a video to prove his point. You shouldn't get ticketed for doing what's safe and what makes sense. The weekend before last, a woman stopped in the middle of the road, no stop sign, talking on her cell phone, and tried to wave me across an intersection. I wouldn't go. So she waved harder, all the while talking. I wouldn't go. So she gestured at me to go, and I shook my head "no". It's drivers, and cyclists, doing what's unexpected, like stopping in the middle of the road and not paying attention, that ends up getting you killed by the person who rear ends them and pushes them over you, or goes around them without looking for why they're stopped. I don't encourage that sort of behavior.

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